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Vizrom Signs is a cloud-based digital signage solutions for hospitals and non-health related businesses. Our digital whiteboard application is developed specifically for hospitals and other health-related organizations.

Vizrom digital signage application is designed for organizations such as restaurants, corporations, educational institutions, hospitality and much more. These two applications combined, formed our cloud-based digital signage solutions which is known as Vizrom signs.



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How It Works

Vizrom Digital Whiteboard is intended to replace the traditional handwritten whiteboards. Each digital whiteboard is assigned to a room within the hospital. After a patient is admitted into the room, their information will automatically prepopulate on the screen. Instead of a care team member having to manually enter the patient’s info, the information is automatically pulled from the EHR system and displayed on the screen in compliance with HIPPA guidelines.

  • Eliminates manual updates and save times.

  • Integrated with hospital’s EHR system.

  • Pull essential information to clinical staff and patient’s areas.

  • No light pollution in the dark so a patient can sleep peacefully.

  • Promotes patient-centered care leading to a better patient satisfaction score .

  • HIPPA compliance.

  • Patient-Centered Care

    Encourages active collaboration and shared decision-making between patients, family members, and the care provider.

  • Enhances Communication

    Personalized information on the screen empowers the patient with accurate and timely information about their care plan.

  • Shift change schedule updates

    Information regarding care team on duty can be automatically updated on the screen during a shift change.

  • Patient Precaution Signs

    Patient’s precaution signs are displayed using a tablet. The tablet is placed on the hallway, and color coded for ease of identification.

Our Products

Web Based Management Portal

The portal is integrated with the hospital’s EHR system to update information in real-time.

Amazon Fire TV Device

The Fire TV device is plugged into a TV, and installed with our Vizrom signs app. The app will display a code on the TV screen. Use the code to pair the app with the web portal.


A regular flat screen TV with a HDMI port is needed. Using our Vizrom signs app as a bridge, information from the web portal is projected on the screen and updated in real-time.

Display Screens

Patient Room Display

This is located inside the patient’s room. It displays specific information about the patient, care plan, and care team members on duty.

Patient Door Sign

This is located on the hallway and by the door to the patient’s room. It displays precaution signs and other important info.

Real-time updates
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