Nurses often complained that the loss of markers or erasers is a major barrier to ensuring that a patient’s bedside whiteboard is regularly updated. We are providing a solution to that problem by replacing the handwritten whiteboards with a digital board that can connect with the hospital’s EHR system to update information in real-time.

  • Eliminates manual updates and save times

  • Integrated with hospital’s EHR system

  • Pull essential information to clinical staff and patient’s areas

  • No light pollution in the dark so a patient can sleep peacefully

  • Promotes patient-centered care leading to a better patient satisfaction score 

  • HIPPA compliance


With our Electronic paper patient information display, a patient is better engaged in their own care and empowered. With accurate and regularly updated information on the digital display, patients are provided with timely information about their care team members. The electronic paper display is reflective and always on. In other words, it behaves like a traditional paper and does not emit light in the dark. This allows the patient to sleep well, undisturbed with light pollution. Information is personalized and with patient privacy a top priority. 

Patient Information Display (PID). This display will be placed inside the patient room. It will contain information such as the name of the patient, attending physician, the nurse, and the name of other care team members assigned to the patient. It will also display information such as the plan of care and diagnosis.

Room Information Display (RID). This display will be placed outside of the patient’s room. It will contain information such as specific precautions, visitor restrictions, allergies, and other related information.