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Amplify your brand with Vizrom signs

  • Vizrom signs is designed to allow you to easily setup your digital whiteboard or digital signage screens by using different types of hardware and smart TVs. This is to save you money by not having to purchase expensive equipment to run your digital signage. It also provides you with the flexibility to scale at the pace that aligned with your budget.

  • We are a security conscious team, and we think you do the same for your organization. With that in mind, we designed Vizrom signs with security protection in place to give you peace of mind.
    Currently, Amazon Fire TV device is the only hardware that our solutions is built on. We are working on expanding the hardware lines that can be used with our application.

  • Security protection that comes with peace of mind

    Whether you are a healthcare organization using our cloud-based solutions for your digital whiteboard needs or a corporate organization using our digital signage solution to create engaging content for your target audience, the same level of security protocols is put in place to protect your information.