Digital Whiteboards

Vizrom cloud-based digital whiteboard is a proprietary whiteboard solution specifically for hospitals. It replaces the traditional patient bedside dry erase whiteboards. Our digital whiteboards can be integrated with a hospital EHR system to pull essential information to clinical staff and patient areas. Unlike the traditional dry erase boards where information is updated manually, information on the digital whiteboards is updated automatically and in real-time. Because the digital whiteboard is synced with the hospital information system, each time there is changes in a patient’s care plan, that changes is automatically updated and displayed on the digital whiteboards.

The digital whiteboards can display information about the patient care team on duty. By integrating the digital whiteboard with the scheduling software, information on the digital whiteboards is automatically updated in real-time during a shift change.

Vizrom digital whiteboards is configured to auto-populate a patient’s information on the boards once the patient is admitted into the hospital and assigned a bed. This information is pulled from the electronic health record. Information is displayed on the digital whiteboard in HIPPA compliance format. A care team member assigned to a patient can log into the digital whiteboard portal and update patient’s information. The updated information will automatically sync with the electronic health record. Information such as patient’s schedules, Code status, fall risks, recommended diet, last time medication was given, plan for the day and much more can be displayed on the digital whiteboard.